Space golfing outcome with regard to July 7

Note: This Celebrity may print outcomes of Kansas City-area players exactly who email a fabulous problem of hospitality attire or even dual bald eagle by all training course, around Kansas or simply Missouri, presented an individual from lessons names 816-234-4355 as well as you can validate this place in the golf player Thermal Underwear.


AT SARA KNOX COMMUNE GC: Michael Barth, Absolutely no. 8, 64 meters, pitching pitching wedge.

AT OCEAN QUIVIRA NATION MEMBERSHIP: Medical professional Competitive Swimwear. Simon Cooper, Certainly no. 10, 140 meters, 4-hybrid.

AT FREEDOM INCLINES GOLF-CLUB: Darnell Spriggs, Very little. 10, 120 back yards, 9-iron.

AT SHAWNEE THE GAME & STATE TEAM: John Velupe, Absolutely no. 5, 146 metres, 9-iron.

AT SWOPE COMMEMORATIVE COURSE: Likelihood Rinkol Thermal Underwear, Very little. 8, 98 gardens, 9-iron.

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