The Seattle Seahawks are gearing up to take on the high-flying Atlanta Falcons in the Divisional Round of the playoffs this Saturday with a trip to the NFC title game on the line. These two teams couldn’t be more different with Seattle riding its defense to the second round, while Atlanta has relied on its prolific offense all season.

Matt Ryan and Julio Jones make every defender’s life incredibly tough. Even the best defensive players in the league have trouble with Atlanta. Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett was asked about the Falcons’ offense this week, and he had a brutally honest answer: No, he doesn’t want to face the NFL’s best teams. Seattle Seahawks Team Jersey

He’s right. Facing the Houston Texans in the playoffs or Cleveland Browns in the regular season would make his job easier. Cornerbacks lose sleep over Julio Jones and the best receivers in the game. It’s far less tasking to take on less talented teams, and that’s what Bennett is alluding to.

The Falcons came very close to beating the Seahawks earlier in the season and likely would have if not for a missed call by the officials on the final drive. Atlanta obviously got over that loss, but Bennett hasn’t forgotten what Jake Matthews did to him in that game. Kam Chancellor Jersey

Bennett suffered a knee injury after Matthews threw a cut block at him. Bennett called it “a [expletive] play” several times as it caused him to miss five games. He was asked about Matthews and the block that injured him, but had little to say.


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