Did wealthy executives in expensive suits spread a box of crayons on the table at board meetings and argue passionately about which should go?

Next thing we know, they’ll be pulling pay phones out of the walls … what’s that you say?

Crayola has been around since 1885. The legendary company’s production of crayons dates back to at least 1902. This is the first time a color has been removed from its famed box of 24.

The company said a national fan participation campaign will help name the new color. Twitter respondents predictably turned the announcement into the umpteenth chance to insert political wit or commentary into a discussion that needs absolutely none.

To some adults, though, dandelion’s demise is no laughing matter. Some are scrambling to scoop up single crayons as collector’s items, educational toys for their kids or simply out of nostalgia.

Most everyone has a favorite color. As Crayola tinkers with a slice of Americana, these are difficult times for Yellow Nation.

Movie fans remember the famous line from “Forrest Gump,” where we heard “life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” Now we’ve been ambushed to realize it’s no different with children’s coloring materials.

We have to wonder how corporate management discussed the serious business of realigning its box. Did wealthy executives in expensive suits spread a box of crayons on the table at board meetings and argue passionately about which should go?

Were friendships damaged over this decision? Were tears shed in the executive washroom? Or did anyone get up and say, “I’m a successful middle-aged tycoon, and I can’t believe my life’s work has come down to choosing which crayon to throw out”?

Crayola’s announcement came on National Crayon Day, which this year fell on March 31. It’s a good bet that 99 percent of Americans didn’t even know Crayon Day existed Athletic & Outdoor Shoes, but a survey showed 99 percent of households recognized the Crayola brand name.

As trivial as the elimination of a color might seem, that statistic shows the impact of something as simple as a crayon on the lives of millions. Nobody thinks much about it until it’s gone, just as memories of using Crayola crayons become buried underneath the mind’s priorities of mortgage payments, jobs, politics and so on – until a story like this one reminds us that crayons and childhood memories can never be separated and that the simplest of todders’ toys have value and meaning Work Wear & Uniforms.

Beyond revealing that the replacement crayon would belong to the blue family, Crayola said there would be no further details until May. Children and parents will endure weeks of drama and uncertainty before the new member of the Crayola family is introduced.

You think it’s all so silly? Nothing is silly when it touches the heart of a child or brings back childhood memories to a parent Contemporary & Designer. When boxes of crayons must even be altered, we can’t be blamed for wondering what iconic slice of Americana Jackets, however big or small, will be the next to go Clothing Accessories.

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